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Each Tuesday afternoon, Janet Kopenhaver airs a new “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcast. Each show features an Arts organization representative, visual artist, arts expert, dancer, musician, actor and everyone in between to talk about their profession, productions, events, economic and health benefits of the arts, and many other topics. We also have, and will continue to feature several dignitaries on the show, including northern Virginia’s “First Lady” Megan Beyer, former NEA Chair Jane Chu, and Arlington County Board Members Katie Cristol, Christian Dorsey, and Matt de Ferranti.

To follow the Podcast so that you don’t miss any episodes, follow the link to your preferred platform: Apple PodcastSpotifyGooglePodcast, and now Amazon Music AND check out our education series – see details below.

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Regina Aquino Smith, Regional Stage Actress

December 25, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts, sat down with regional stage actress Regina Aquino Smith to talk about her career, her next show, how she gets into character, and much more. Also find out which role she REALLY wants to play!

Performing Arts
Rachel Levitin, Host, “The Iota Chair”

December 18, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts, chats with the host of the video series “The Iota Chair” Rachel Levitin who is hoping to keep the music and atmosphere of Iota alive through this series. Hear about some of the artists she has videoed, how the series came to be, and a little history about Iota itself. Also hear a snippet of a performance from one of her guest singers in the chair.

Jennifer Marshall, Executive Director, This Is My Brave

December 11, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts, conducted a very uplifting interview with the Co-Founder and Executive Director of This Is My Brave Jennifer Marshall. This organization’s mission is to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues by sharing success stories on stage from individuals living with mental illness through poetry, essay, original music and other avenues. Also hear one of their alumni perform a very emotional song. They are doing wonderful work!

Art Dignitarties
Cathy di Toro, Chief Empowerment Officer, Project HERA

December 4, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver chatted with musician and Chief Empowerment Officer of Project HERA Cathy di Toro. Find out more about this wonderful non-profit organization that helps young women succeed in the music industry. Also hear about their events, festivals, and hear a sampling of one of their extremely talented female musicians performing.

Mary Hynes, Bassist, Two Blue Band

November 27, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts, welcomed former County Board member and now bassist with Two Blue Band Mary Hynes to the studio to catch up. Hear about her band, what she has been doing in retirement, why the arts have been so important to her and her family, and much more. Also hear a snippet from some original music played by Two Blue Band.

Blair Murphy, Curator, Arlington Arts Center

November 20, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts welcomed the Curator from the Arlington Arts Center Blair Murphy to the studio to talk about curating art shows, how artwork is selected, the thought process of a curator when developing themes for shows, and much more. We also talked about the Center, how artists could apply to have their artwork displayed, and current and upcoming shows free to the public.

Visual Arts
Ashley Hammond and Katie McCreary, Educational Theatre Company

November 14, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts chats with Ashley Hammond and Katie McCreary about the Educational Theatre Company (ETC) and its 20th birthday celebration. Learn about the history of the company, plans for its big birthday, upcoming events, diverse programming and so much more.

Performing Arts
Jane Horwitz, Theater Reviewer

November 6, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver had such an interesting and insightful interview with longtime regional theater and movie reviewer Jane Horwitz. Learn about her journey from Journalism school to the theater and movie arena, changed she has seen in the performing arts sector over the last two decades, stories about declining regional media coverage of theater and movies, and so much more.

Performing Arts
Jane Franklin, Founder, Jane Franklin Dance

October 30, 2018

anet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts welcomed Jane Franklin, Artistic Director of Jane Franklin Dance, back to the studio to talk about their busy fall performance schedule, their brand new productions, background on how she comes up with new material, and much more. From family friendly to suspenseful dances to collaborations – there is something for all audiences.

Marc Robarge, Visual Artist

October 23, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts talks with Visual Artists and Sculptor Marc Robarge about his unique artwork that combines nature with art. Hear about the inspiration for his work, how relates his art to nature, upcoming exhibitions and more.

Visual Arts
Bill Hopkins and Michael Burke, Anderson-Hopkins Excellence in Theater Arts Award

October 16, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver welcomed Bill Hopkins and Michael Burke to the studio to discuss the Anderson-Hopkins Excellence in Theater Arts award program. How did the program develop? What is the criteria for winners? What do these theater professionals win in exchange for their dedication to the DC regional theater scene? These questions, and many more, are answered in this interview about such a wonderful and selfless award program.

Performing Arts
Nancy Murphy, Founder, CSR Communications

October 9, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Founder of Embracing Arlington Arts chatted with CSR Communications Founder Nancy Murphy about non-profit strategic planning. Among many topics covered were when a non-profit organization should consider hiring a strategic planner, how they can get help with Board development, hints about fundraising, the importance of implementing a plan and much, much more.

Art Dignitarties
Anjali Hemphill, DC5 News Reporter

October 2, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Founder of Embracing Arlington Arts conducted a very interesting interview with DC5 News Reporter Anjali Hemphill about journalism, the news and news reporting, and the impact arts has had on her career and life. Also find out her views about how broadcast journalism has changed over the last 10 years and how feature stories make it on the news.

Art Dignitarties
Mike Katrivanos, Owner, New District Brewing Company

September 25, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts sat down with New District Brewing Company Owner Mike Katrivanos to learn more about ValleyFest 2018 – an event the brewery is spearheading. We chatted about the history of the brewing company, the importance of the arts, Mike’s previous life as a musician, and the entertainment expected at ValleyFest 2018. We also got some insight about how signature beers are brewed.

Brianna Goode, Actor and Matt Bannister, Director, Dominion Stage

September 18, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver interviewed Director Matt Bannister and Actor Brianna Goode about the upcoming Dominion Stage production of “Tape.” Learn more about the show and characters (without any spoilers), how they prepare for roles and productions, how to become involved in the regional theater world, and what is next for both of them.

Performing Arts
Katherine Horrigan and Arturo Garcia, Co-Directors, Company Danzante

September 11, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver catches up with Company Danzante Co-Directors Katherine Horrigan and Arturo Garcia about the company’s origins, upcoming events, favorite venues and so much more. Also hear about a wonderful original choreography piece they did at the Kennedy Center with the theme of “Me Too.”

Mary Anne Schnider and Marty Schnider, Fred Schnider Investment Group/Fred Schnider Gallery of Art

September 4, 2018

Listen in to this interview Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts did with arts supporters Mary Anne Schnider and Marty Schnider from the Fred Schnider Investment Group. Learn why they think the arts are so important, what their company does, the family’s deep roots in Arlington, as well as the exciting launch of the Fred Schnider Gallery of Art in Arlington. They have lots of events and openings coming down the pike for the Gallery and you will hear all about them.

Visual Arts
Todd Daniel, Lead Vocalist and Mark Bower, Guitar/Accordion Player, The Walkaways Band

August 28, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver welcomed to the Embracing Arlington Arts radio show two band members from “The Walkaways” – Todd Daniel (lead vocalist and guitar player) and Mark Bower (vocals, guitar player and accordion player). Hear samples of their original music, how they write new songs, what they might play at the Oct. 4 Celebration of the Arts in Arlington, where they will be playing in the future, how the band started and much more.

Tina Leone, CEO, Ballston BID

August 21, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts chatted with Ballston BID CEO Tina Leone about “everything Ballston”. We covered the latest news about Ballston Quarter and all the entertainment venues expected to the new Fred Schnider Gallery to a new public art project at the Ballston Metro to live entertainment at their farmer’s markets. Also find out why the arts are so important to Tina and how Ballston is showing its creativity in presenting new arts projects and events.

Art Dignitarties
d’Andre Willis, Architect, HGA

August 7, 2018

Designing a performing arts venue and/or art gallery/museum is not easy. But HGA Architects and Engineers has mastered this craft and a Principal at the firm – d’Andre Willis – talked about their work as a guest on the Embracing Arlington Arts radio show. She and Janet Kopenhaver talked about the intricacies of designing these types of venues, her entree into the architectural world and trends in arts and culture designing over the last 20 years. Also learn about some exciting arts and culture projects around the country the company is working on, including the magnificent Capital One Center in Fairfax.

Art Dignitarties
Christian Dorsey, Arlington County Board Vice Chair

July 31, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts sat down with Arlington County Board Vice Chair Christian Dorsey to talk about his goals as Vice Chair, challenges facing the arts in Arlington, benefits of the arts and much more! We also found out what spurred him to run for County Board, as well as some insight into how he might judge the costumes at the 2nd Annual Celebration of the Arts in Arlington on October 4.

Art Dignitarties
Lynn Veronneau and Ken Avis, VERONNEAU Band

July 17, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver conducted such an entertaining interview with Lynn Veronneau and Ken Avis – founders of VERONNEAU. We chatted about their beginnings, jazz and other genres they perform, upcoming performances, and future endeavors, among many other things. Also hear a snippet from their latest CD “Love and Surrender” which remained on the Top 5 charting jazz-world music CDs for four months!

Sandi Parker, Visual Artist

July 24, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver brought to the show the Arlington Artists Alliance Managing Director for Galleries (and artist) Sandi Parker. Such a fun talk about her artwork, the Alliance, the Gallery Underground in Crystal City and the exciting opening of the Gallery Clarendon. We also discussed upcoming events at both galleries and collaborations they are doing with other non-profit arts groups in Arlington.

Visual Arts
Joshua Morgan, Stage Actor

July 10, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington, caught up with phenomenal actor Joshua Morgan during his stay in Washington, DC while performing at the Kennedy Center in “Ain’t Too Proud”. We talked about his successful career as an actor, singer, pianist, artistic director and so much more, including reminiscing about the “No Rules” show. Also find out more about his strategic planning consulting business by listening in to the interview.

Performing Arts
Carol Cadby, Theater Teacher and Actress

July 3, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts talks with Actress, Teacher and Artist Carol Cadby about teaching theater, students’ evolution over the years, changing nature of plays to accommodate younger audiences and a whole lot more? Also learn about her return to the stage after 20+ years and get details about the Capital Fringe Festival.

Performing Arts
Cynthia Connolly, Curator, Arlington County

June 26, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver chats with Arlington County Curator and Artist Cynthia Connolly about the new Arlington Art Truck. Find out where and when you can see it, what types of art events you will find, some of the past cool projects done with the truck, some of the artists participating, and much, much more. Also learn about how the County is partnering with Arlington non-profit organizations with each exhibit.

Visual Arts
Helen Chamberlin, Executive Director, Bowen McCauley Dance Company

June 12, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver chatted with Bowen McCauley Dance Executive Director Helen Chamberlin about their upcoming event at Lubber Run, their past year, and some new exciting collaborations the dance group is working on. Helen also gave us a glimpse and sneak peek into what we can expect for 2018-2019 performances.

Ray Ficca, President, National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

June 5, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver interviews – and has lots of laughs – with the President of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts Ray Ficca – actor, band member, producer, director, educator and comedian. Learn about his career, his band (The Bedrocks), everything the Conservatory has to offer and be ready to be thoroughly entertained!

Performing Arts
Naomi Jacobson, Regional Actress

May 22, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver was so thrilled to welcome to the studio the extremely talented and versatile theatrical actress Naomi Jacobson. We talk about her many diverse roles, how she got into the theater, and about her current show “The Remains” at the Studio Theater. Wonderful stories and anecdotes from a true regional star!

Performing Arts
Don Mike Mendoza, Co-Founder, La Ti Do and Nicole Hertvik, Publisher, DC Metro Theater Arts

May 21, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts had a very interesting interview with the Co-Founder of “La Ti Do” Don Mike Mendoza and the publisher of DC Metro Theater Arts Nicole Hertvik about their upcoming collaborative event – a music celebration of the works of Lin Manuel Miranda featuring local (and extremely talented) singers. Also learn about other events both organizations are planning for the next several months.

Performing Arts
Nick Kramp, Actor and John Newman, Director of Marketing, Artstream

May 15, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts had such an uplifting interview about the impressive ArtStream, Inc. that helps so many disabled individuals in their day to day lives through performing arts! She talked with the Director of Marketing John Newman and one of the talented actors Nick Kramp about how the program has helped him.

Performing Arts
Daniel Manzoni, Director, Festival Argentino

May 8, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver talks with Daniel Manzoni, the Director and Organizer of the annual Festival Argentino. Learn about all the talented artists who will be performing, the history of the Festival, Daniel’s very interesting story of how he ended up here in Arlington, and also hear a song from one of the performing bands.

Keith Cassidy, Actor and Larry Grey, Stage Manager, Dominion Stage

May 1, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver talks with Dominion Stage’s Actor Keith Cassidy (Uncle Peck) and Stage Manager Larry Grey about the upcoming production of “How I Learned to Drive.” The show revolves the tough subject of molestation of a young girl by her uncle. Hear about how they prepared for the show, different interpretations of the behavior, how the arts make us watch difficult situations which open up dialogue, and when and where to see the show!

Performing Arts
Gary Marco, Director, Cambodian American Heritage Dance Troupe

April 24, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver and Gary Marco, Director of the Cambodian American Heritage Dance Troupe talk about Cambodian culture, music, history, costumes and dance. Very interesting chat, along with an audio clip of typical Cambodian music. We also discussed their event to celebrate the Cambodian New Year!

Katie Cristol, Arlington County Board Chair

April 17, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver chats with Arlington County Board Chair Katie Cristol about numerous topics including why she got into politics, opportunities and challenges for the arts in Arlington, the biggest impact the arts have on our society, her goals as Chair and much more. Plus look who stopped by (at least in spirit)!

Art Dignitarties
Clare Shaffer, Director and Erin Branigan, Actor, The Arlington Players

April 10, 2018

Murder, music and meat pies. That’s right “Sweeney Todd” – The Arlington Players upcoming show. So how are they going to handle all that blood? Was Sweeney a villain or merely helping solve the hunger problem? How does a director put her own finishing touches on a production. And how in the world does one prepare for the role of Mrs. Lovett. Find out the answers to those questions and so much more in this interview with Clare Shaffer, Director and Erin Branigan who plays Mrs. Lovett.

Performing Arts
Bob Wood, Artistic Director, UrbanArias

April 3, 2018

Sex, rebellion, matricide and lipstick – and it’s an opera! Listen to this great interview with UrbanArias Founder, Conductor and Artistic Director Bob Wood. We talk about opera and the organization’s enticing upcoming show “Florida”. Find out how those four words describe the show and why everyone should go to the opera!

David Carlson, Visual Artist

March 27, 2018

Listen to this interview Janet Kopenhaver had with Arlington Visual Artist David Carlson – an abstract painter and meditative video producer,. Hear how he creates his art, his recurring themes and what it means to be a “successful” artist. Also hear about his upcoming projects and initiatives.

Visual Arts
Richard Washer, Playwright

March 20, 2018

So how does an idea in a playwright’s head evolve into a full blown theater production? Richard Washer, Playwright for the Rose Theater, answers this question and so much more in this interview. Find out how a play moves from an idea to a script to a production, as well as how to participate in the evolution of a play by attending a play reading.

Performing Arts
Nicole Hertvik and Darby DeJarnette, DC Metro Theater Arts

March 13, 2018

That perennial question – how to get elusive millennials to see a production or performance? Janet Kopenhaver got some great tips from DC Metro Theater Arts Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Nicole Hertvik and Marketing/Public Relations Manager Darby DeJarnette. Also learn about how the organization keeps listeners and readers apprised of the many productions in the DC region, plans for future services they want to provide, where to find their multitude of reviews and how to possibly become a reviewer. Lots of wonderful insightful information about the regional performing arts scene.

Performing Arts
Donna Betts, Immediate Past President, American Art Therapy Association

March 6, 2018

Such an enlightening and hopeful interview with Art Therapist and Immediate Past President of the American Art Therapy Association Donna Betts. Janet Kopenhaver talked with Dr. Betts about the mental health profession, latest research into art therapy, her background and advocacy efforts to spread the word about the importance of this mental health profession. Dr. Betts also highlighted several uplifting success stories about how art therapy has helped so many diverse patients and clients.

Art Dignitarties
Becky Sanders, Director, Women’s Ecumenical Choir

February 27, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts has a delightful and very entertaining interview with the Director of the Women’s Ecumenical Choir Becky Sanders. We chatted about her upcoming participation in “Gospel at Colonus,” the formation of the Choir, her enthralling background (including a stint performing with Michael Jackson) and what is next for Becky. Also hear a wonderful audio clip from the show.

Jane Chu, Former Chair, National Endowment for the Arts

February 20, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver was so honored to have as a guest on her radio show the Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts Jane Chu to discuss two of her major initiatives: Creative Forces (to help Veterans) and Creativity Connects. Also discussed was her background, the importance of the arts and her goals for the upcoming years as NEA Chair. Very interesting interview!

Art Dignitarties
Scott Wood, Conductor and Music Director, Arlington Philharmonic

February 6, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts and Scott Wood, Conductor and Music Director of the Arlington Philharmonic talk about classical music, his stellar musical background, going to the symphony, the Arlington Philharmonic’s beginnings and much more. Also hear a snippet from one of their previous concerts.

Robbie Schaefer, Musician, Eddie from Ohio

January 30, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts, was honored to interview Musician, Playwright, Composer and Eddie from Ohio band member Robbie Schaefer. Among the many topics covered was how the band was formed, his original play premiere “Light Years” at Signature Theater, his musical background, and much more. We also preview two of his new songs from the play. Enjoy the interview and then come see the show!

Music, Performing Arts
Sterling Beard, Social Media Director, Arlington Players

January 23, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver talks to Sterling Beard, Social Media Director for the Arlington Players (TAP). Among the many topics explored was their mission, their usual season format, previous shows presented by TAP, their stellar set designs, and their current production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Also Sterling talks about his acting experiences.

Performing Arts
Ashley Hammond, Managing Director, Educational Theatre Company

January 16, 2018

Embracing Arlington Arts Chair Janet Kopenhaver chats with the Managing Director of the Educational Theatre Company Ashley Hammond about the organization’s, its uniqueness in programming, its community outreach, camps, and much more.

Performing Arts
Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

January 9, 2018

Encore Stage and Studio’s Executive Director Sara Duke returned to the Embracing Arlington Arts radio show to talk about their current production of “Sherlock Holmes.” Sara also updated us on future Encore events, their 50th birthday party, and a former student who is now an accomplished composer who still develops scores for Encore shows.

Performing Arts
Nucky Walder and Marcela Ferlito Walder, Teatro de la Luna

January 2, 2018

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts chatted with Teatro de la Luna’s Nucky Walder and Marcela Ferlito Walder about the organization’s history, upcoming productions and workshops, and challenges of running an Hispanic Theater in the DC region.

Performing Arts
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