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Embracing Arlington Arts produces a Theater/Arts Management Education podcast series that features special topics of interest that we delve into in much greater detail. The goal is to create a better understand about the performing arts among patrons, students and other interested parties.

Behind the Curtain

This is the fifth educational series produced and focuses on those theatrical professionals "behind the curtain" who make productions happen. From sound to costumes to lighting to props/sets, we endeavored to interview these critical players and broaden audiences' understanding of their important roles. Making the series even more interesting is the fact that all five worked on the production of "Thurgood" presented by NC Stage Company in Asheville, NC.

Costume Designer Casey Watkins shared insight into what is involved with costumes and wardrobes in a theatrical production. Learn what she is responsible for in a production, what is her process for designing costumes, how does she research period pieces and some interesting tricks about costume designs that directly influence an audience member's experience and feelings toward the characters.

Continuing our "behind the curtain" chats with those theatrical professionals who make theater happen backstage, we welcomed to the show Sound Designer Bailey Gafeney. Find out what exactly a sound designer is responsible for, the tricks and insight into "underscoring" a production, what is her process for designing sound and some of the more challenging projects she has worked on. Also learn about some positive changes she has seen in the industry so far in her career.

Technical Theater professional Sylvia J. Pierce appeared as a guest on the podcast as part of our series on the "behind the curtain" magic that happens to make a theatrical production happen. She enlightens about what exactly a technical theater professional is responsible for, with particular insight into a props manager, how she got into the industry, what dramatic changes she has seen in the technical field over the last 46 years, and some very entertaining stories about her experiences working with CNN, Eurovision and SNL.

This episode provides the inside scoop on lighting and visual media design from CJ Barnwell. Find out how he ended up in this field, his process for designing, what exactly a lighting/visual media designer does and some challenges he has faced in the past. Also find out how the profession has evolved and changed over the years, as well as why the relatively new visual media component has become so important.

Scenic Designer and Visual Artist Julie K. Ross appeared on the podcast as part of our educational series about the professionals not on stage that are critical to bringing a show to the stage. Hear what a Scenic Designer does, how she ended up in this career, how the profession has changed (and where projections fit in), and a prop that many times ends up on her sets as an inside joke.

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