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Embracing Arlington Arts produces a Theater/Arts Management Education podcast series that features special topics of interest that we delve into in much greater detail. The goal is to create a better understand about the performing arts among patrons, students and other interested parties.

Artist Director

This series is comprised of a 5-part “Artistic Director STEAM AHEAD” series featuring the Artistic Directors of the most successful theater organizations in the DC region who imparted their insight and wisdom about the performing arts industry. Those featured were Maria Manuela Goyanes, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company’s; Eric Schaeffer, Signature Theatre; Molly Smith, Arena Stage; Ryan Rilette, Round House Theatre; and Chil Kong, Adventure Theatre. These stellar professionals answered questions about their careers, their respective theater organizations, insight into the day-to-day running of a theater, changes they have noticed in the industry over the last decades and much more.

Molly Smith imparted her very insightful advice for listeners interested in an arts management career. Learn about her own journey and successes in the theater profession; what changes she has witnessed in theater productions, and much more. What an honor to interview Molly who has broken so many glass ceilings for women in the theater management world in the DC region.

Maria Manuela Goyanes talks from the heart about her career in arts management in this interview. Talking directly to young listeners, she offers unique advice about the industry, insight into this job choice, joys and hurdles of running a theater company and whether she would recommend a career in arts management. Also learn her views on progress made on the diversity front both on and off the stage.

Eric Schaeffer gives advice in this podcast interview to young adults who want to open and manage a theater and responds to several questions like: What are some of the joys of running a theater? What is one priority he has when casting shows? And a lot more.

Ryan Rilette responds to several questions in this interview including: Why are the arts important? How is he making the theater more representative of the community where they are located? What is critical to succeeding in an arts management career? Enjoy this wide-ranging interview with Ryan.

Chil Kong speaks from the heart about the importance of children’s theater in the DMV and in forming adult theater patrons in this interview. Chil talks about his multi-faceted film and theater career, diversity challenges in the performing arts industry, how children benefit from exposure to theater and much more. Also hear his unique description of those working in the industry. Very entertaining and insightful interview.

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