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Jorge Acevedo.jpg
Jorge Acevedo, Signature Theatre

Continuing our goal of interviewing "behind the scenes" theatrical professionals, we welcomed back to the show Jorge Acevedo who is the Casting Director at Signature Theatre. Find out exactly what a casting director does and how they go about finding the right actors for each role. Also learn the audition process followed at Signature, how Jorge strives to bring diversity and "outside the box" thinking to casting actors, how far in advance actors in DC are called up for auditions and how does he keep track of everyone's talents and gifts? Also get all the details about the current hit at Signature "Ragtime" and the upcoming world premiere of "Private Jones." And at the end hear Jorge's words of wisdom to all administrative theater professionals starting out in their careers.

This Months Newsletter

December Newsletter

We just released our 2023 Annual Report of Successes, as well as  hosted a "Meet and Greet."

Breaking News

Embracing Arlington Arts Releases 2023 Annual Report of Successes

December 6, 2023


Embracing Arlington Arts just released its 2023 Annual Report of Successes. “We were so excited about how much we were able to accomplish in 2023, especially with respect to our weekly podcast Embracing Arlington Arts Talks. This year we aired our 300th episode and achieved an amazing 15,000 episode download total,” stated Janet Kopenhaver, EAA President. “In addition, thanks to a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, we were able to hire a consultant to completely revamp and improve our website," she added.

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