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Thomas Walter Booker, Actor/Movie Producer

Actor Thomas Walter Booker appeared on the "Embracing Arlington Arts Talks" podcast to give us all the details about his exciting new project - a movie called "Absent" about a young boy in DC learning to forgive his father and move on with his life that he wrote, is producing and will appear in. Find out what spurred him to write the film, why it is so important for folks to see, what is the timeline until release and how listeners can help support the project. Also learn how he ended up in the theater industry at a VERY young age and his serendipitous journey toward landing a role in "Fat Ham" at the Studio Theatre.

This Months Newsletter

June Newsletter

Embracing Arlington Arts hosted Democratic County Board Candidate debate on the arts, Calendar of Events filling up and more.

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Embracing Arlington Arts Hosts Democratic County Board Candidate Forum on the Arts

June 5, 2024

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Embracing Arlington Arts recently hosted a Forum with all the candidates (James Devita, Julie Farnam, Tenley Peterson, Natalie Roy, and Julius D. Spain) in order to help voters understand each candidate’s stand on the importance of arts and culture in the County. Much of the evening was spent discussing the lack of performance and rehearsal space and how each candidate would help solve the problem. There was general support for a new facility and an acknowledgement of the importance of the arts. Here are key takeaways from each candidate.

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