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Each Tuesday afternoon, Janet Kopenhaver airs a new “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcast. Each show features an Arts organization representative, visual artist, arts expert, dancer, musician, actor and everyone in between to talk about their profession, productions, events, economic and health benefits of the arts, and many other topics. We also have, and will continue to feature several dignitaries on the show, including northern Virginia’s “First Lady” Megan Beyer, former NEA Chair Jane Chu, and Arlington County Board Members Katie Cristol, Christian Dorsey, and Matt de Ferranti.

To follow the Podcast so that you don’t miss any episodes, follow the link to your preferred platform: Apple PodcastSpotifyGooglePodcast, and now Amazon Music AND check out our education series – see details below.

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David Siegel and John Stoltenberg, Theater Reviewers, DC Metro Theater Arts

December 26, 2017

Embracing Arlington Arts interviews two guests that sit on the other side of the stage – reviewers John Stoltenberg and David Siegel who write for DC Metro Theater Arts. Learn from these experts about how theater has changed over the years, challenges facing the performing arts and how they decide whether to recommend a show or not, among many other topics.

Performing Arts
Jay Fisette, Former Arlington County Board Chair

December 19, 2017

Janet Kopenhaver chatted with outgoing Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette in one of his last interviews before stepping down after 20 years of public service. Find out how he first got into politics, his views on the arts in Arlington and best advocacy strategies at the local level.

Art Dignitaries
Leo Sushansky, Artistic Director, National Chamber Ensemble

December 12, 2017

Embracing Arlington Arts’ Chair Janet Kopenhaver sat down with Leo Sushansky, Artistic Director of the National Chamber Ensemble to talk about his musical training, fascinating performance history, his founding of the National Chamber Ensemble and some of the organization’s upcoming shows. Also hear snippets from past holiday shows and concerts.

Second Lady Karen Pence, Art Therapy

December 5, 2017

Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts, was honored to have in the studio Second Lady Karen Pence to discuss her initiative “Art Therapy: Healing with the HeART.” Her three goals: elevate the profession, encourage young people to go into the profession, and make people aware it is an option. Hear much more about the benefits of arts therapy and how effective it can be. (Correction: The correct website address for the American Art Therapy Association is

Art Dignitaries
Justin Jarod Bell, Sharisse Taylor, Raven Wilkes, Actors, Synetic Theater

November 28, 2017

What a fun interview with the three lead actors in Synetic Theater’s updated version of Hansel and Gretel. Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts talks with Justin Jarod Bell (Hansel), Sharisse Taylor (Gretel) and Raven Wilkes (Witch, and others) about their characters, playing to an audience of young children, lessons to be learned from the show, some hints about the cool effects in the show, and so much more!

Performing Arts
Elizabeth Kitsos Kang, Educational Theater Company

November 21, 2017

Listen to this uplifting interview with Elizabeth Kitsos Kang from Educational Theater Company with Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts about her program Devising Hope that brings homeless men and women with suburban teenagers to learn more about each other. Hear first hand interviews from both groups and learn about the misconceptions about these two sectors. Plus we discuss the origins of the program and the wonderful results Elizabeth achieves with each 8-week program.

Performing Arts
Jane Coonce, Visual Artist, Arlington Artists Alliance

November 7, 2017

Ever wonder how an artist get ideas for paintings or when they know a painting is done? Find out that, and more, from Arlington artist Jane Coonce, and also learn about the Arlington Artists Alliance and all their events and workshops.

Visual Arts
Holly Koons, Executive Director, Arlington Arts Center

October 31, 2017

The Arlington Arts Centers hosts an annual Dia de los Muertos event featuring live music, dancing, children’s activities, food and much more. Learn more about this family fun day from Holly Koons, Executive Director of the Center as she chats with Janet Kopenhaver, Chair of Embracing Arlington Arts.

Visual Arts
Jane Franklin, Founder, Jane Franklin Dance

October 24, 2017

Jane Franklin Dance Company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Janet Kopenhaver, host of the Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show talks with Founder and Artistic Director Jane Franklin about their very busy season, upcoming performances and unique collaborations over the years. Listen in, and find out more about their community involvement as well.

Tom Prewitt, Artistic Director, WSC Avant Bard

October 17, 2017

Tom Prewitt, Artistic Director of WSC Avant Bard chats with Janet Kopenhaver, host of the Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show about their upcoming production of “Emilie” and theatre with an “edge.” A brainy woman, a hot romance, and a smart comedy – interested? Plus learn more about their upcoming season and what makes a classic a classic!

Performing Arts
Helen Chamberlin, Executive Director, Bowen McCauley Dance Company

October 10, 2017

Janet Kopenhaver, host of the Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show had the Executive Director of Bowen McCauley Dance Helen Chamberlin on the show. We discussed many topics including their upcoming season, how a new dance production is conceived and developed, the Move Me Festival, and the upcoming collaboration with the National Chamber Ensemble. We also talked about the important work the company does to help those suffering from {arkinson’s Disease allay and cope with the symptoms of the disease, and how dance therapy helps those suffering from many neurological diseases.

Alex Mills and Kathy Gordon, Actors, Synetic Theater

October 3, 2017

Janet Kopenhaver, host of the Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show was so happy to chat with the two lead actors from Synetic Theater’s upcoming production of “The Adventures of Peter Pan.” In the studio was Alex Mills who plays Peter Pan and Kathy Gordon who plays Wendy. We discuss the unique performance style offered by Synetic in each of their productions, background scoop on the Peter Pan production, and we even get to hear a snippet of the original score from the show. Will they fly? You have to listen to find out.

Performing Arts
Jackie Bottash, President, Potomac Harmony Chorus

September 26, 2017

Great show with Jackie Bottash, President of Potomac Harmony Chorus and Janet Kopenhaver, host of Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show. Among the many topics discussed were the Chorus’ upcoming show “Between You, Me and the Park Bench, four-part harmony singing, ways those who like to sing can join in and exercise their vocal cords, and how the group was established. We also heard a wonderful audio clip of a medley of songs sung by the chorus.

Sara Duke, Executive Director, Encore Stage and Studio

September 19, 2017

Sara Duke, Executive Director of Encore Stage and Studio joins Janet Kopenhaver, host of Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show to discuss the art of puppetry and its relevance to their upcoming season. Also discussed was skills taught students at Encore, the importance of arts and culture to their education, and the phenomenal growth of the theater company.

Performing Arts
Jennifer Lyman, Vice President, and Michael Fisher, Actor, Dominion Stage

September 12, 2017

Interview with Dominion Stage Vice President and Director of current production “Any Given Monday” Jennifer Lyman and the star of the show Michael Fisher about the play, how they prepare for a new show, upcoming productions at Dominion Stage and much more.

Performing Arts
Maggie Boland, Managing Director, Signature Theatre

September 17, 2017

Maggie Boland, Managing Director of Signature Theatre joins Janet Kopenhaver, host of Embracing Arlington Arts weekly radio show to discuss Signature’s phenomenal rise to the success it is today, as well as their current production of “A Little Night Music” and what is coming for the rest of the season. Enjoy a snippet from one of the popular songs from the current show and learn more about how Signature’s artistic team chooses which shows to include in each season.

Performing Arts
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